Repeal the grocery tax to help fight inflation

The grocery tax is a law that people all across Idaho are ready to see repealed. The grocery tax adds minimal real tax revenue to Idaho while costing the people that live here the most money out of pocket. I will be a vote for repealing the grocery tax and giving you 6% back every trip you make the the grocery store!

Legalize cannabis and bring over 100 million dollars back to Idaho

Idaho is now surrounded by states on all sides that have recreational cannabis laws. These states like Washington and Oregon are now taking in over $100,000,000 a year from residents coming from Idaho. It's time we bring that tax money back home to Idaho and use it to improve our state instead of other people's.

Helping relieve West Ada's congested roads

Roads in West Ada and across the state of Idaho are becoming increasingly difficult to travel due to the increase in population and lack of investment in maintenance and planning. We need a Senator who wants to prepare for the future and focus on improving transportation in a way that will allow people to spend more time at home with family instead of stuck in traffic.

Supporting affordable healthcare

I am committed to creating better access to affordable health care for every Idahoan, which includes better access to Medicaid and health care plans with affordable premiums and deductibles.